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Privacy Policy

Pupil Contact Information and Communication
  • All pupils need to have completed an online registration form before attending any class.  Any changes to the original information provided must be submitted ASAP via email to  Current contact information can be checked with any member of staff to see what information is kept on file.

  • A current email address is required as all correspondence will be emailed.

  • Footlights Dance School will send emails via Gmail, DanceBiz and/or Mailchimp to keep parents up to date with all dance school news, upcoming exams and performance opportunities.

  • All data stored by Footlights Dance School is stored on Google Drive and DanceBiz in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations.  

  • Data will never be shared with anyone outside of the dance school and only relevant data will be collated that will be used to ensure the safety of the child while in the care of Footlights Dance School.  The parent of the registered child can:

    • request access to the data kept on record for their child

    • rectify/amend any existing data kept on record for their child

    • request that their child's data be forgotten

  • Once a child has left the dance school all records will be deleted after 30 days.

Fee Payment
  • Invoices will be sent via DanceBiz and are payable in advance of the term starting.

  • The preferred method of payment is Direct Debit via GoCardless and payments can be made in monthly installements or in full by the date on the invoice.

  • Late invoices will incur a late payment fee of £5 for each week the fees remain outstanding.

  • Cancellation of the Direct Debit mandate without prior notice and with a balance outstanding on the invoice will incur a £5 admin charge to reinstate the invoice and payment of the invoice will be required immediately.

  • To cancel the Direct Debit mandate an email should be sent to with a minimum of 7 days notice.

  • Absence from class for sickness or holiday in term time will not be refunded.

  • All pupils will be considered for exams and children taking Graded Examinations will be expected to attend ‘exam classes’ and in some cases they will be expected to complete a 'Mock Exam'.

  • The exam classes will be held on scheduled days in the set groups of children that they will complete their exam with.
    Exams are taken from age 3 upwards and only once the required standard is attained will pupils be put forward for exams.

  • The correct IDTA uniform must be worn for all classes.  

  • Shoes and dancewear must be fitted correctly as badly fitted items are a danger to the dancer.  

  • Students’ hair must be securely tied, and off of their face for class work, a bun must be worn for ballet class from grade 1 upwards.

  • No jewellery may be worn for class, examinations or shows.

Photography and Videos
  • The taking of videos and photographs is not allowed by students or visitors during dance classes or shows unless permission is granted by the class teacher.

  • Uploading any images of students, other than your child(ren) onto websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube is strictly forbidden.  

  • Occasionally requests are made for students to be photographed, interviewed or videoed by outside organisations.  This will only take place should parents/guardians have provided consent on the original registration form when they joined Footlights Dance School.

Child Protection Laws
  • Teachers have to adhere strictly to all Child Protection Policies, and we ask that parents do the same.  

  • There will be times when postural and technical corrections have to be made by physical contact, and this, of course, will be kept to an absolute minimum.  However, it is impossible to teach dance without any physical contact, and we would like to make parents aware of this.

  • Teaching staff will accompany young children to the toilet where necessary unless otherwise instructed via the original registration form.

Mobile Phones & Tablets
  • The school will not be liable for any losses or damages.  

  • Mobile phones must be switched off during class.

Bullying & Cyber Bullying
  • Bullying or maltreatment of a student whilst studying at Footlights Dance School is absolutely unacceptable.  

  • Bullying by electronic means (e-mail, text, facebook etc) will be treated like any other kind of bullying and further action will be taken.

Illness or Injury
  • Teachers need to be informed if a child is feeling unwell or has an injury prior to them taking class.

  • On your contact information form we require details of any relevant medical issues, and if your child is taking medication which they may need to administer themselves.

Attendance/Bad Weather
  • Please be on time, as we try to ensure that all classes start on time.  

  • Please join the Footlights Facebook Group to ensure you are kept up to date with cancellation of classes because of dangerous road conditions and to keep up to date with class information.

  • If a student continues to miss classes often (other than for illness) Michelle reserves the right to take them off the register and they will not be entered in for exams or participate in the show.  

  • It is appreciated if parents can let us know when their child cannot make the dance class.

Class Watching
  • Parents are invited to watch their children's' dance classes at scheduled Watching Week's throughout the year.

Communication with Dance Teachers
  • All of our dance teachers will be willing to discuss any aspect of your child's progress at the end of dance classes - but please bear in mind that they need to ensure that all dance classes start on time.  Should you need to have a more in depth discussion please contact Michelle directly outside of dance class times and she will be more than happy to talk through anything.

  • Anything relating to admin/fees should be directed to

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